Benefits and Responsibilities

Memberships are available for individuals for $80.00 annually. Couples/Family Memberships are available for 140.00 annually. Both can be paid semi-annually, if it is more convenient. Members must have a ‘referring’ existing member and at least ninety (90) days of continuous sobriety.

Download and complete the membership application by clicking below to initiate the process of becoming a member.

Payments can be made via PayPal or by cash or check at the Fellowship Center. The PayPal link can be found below. Checks should be made out to Fox Valley Fellowship Center.

As incorporated by reference into the Fox Valley Fellowship Center Membership Application, the following is a summary of what you can expect of the Fox Valley Fellowship Center and what is expected of you as a valued member.

Benefits and Responsibilities:

1. We will make every effort to provide a safe, clean, comfortable environment in which you can attend fellowship meetings and events.

2. As a member your will receive discounts, when financially feasible, and first right of refusal on tickets to Club Events

3. We will endeavor to provide a centralized Fellowship Literature Library with publications available for sale.

4. The Center agrees to provide coffee and supplies for your club held meetings, with some exceptions. Please discuss this with your board member when setting up your meeting.

5. We will provide cleaning supplies. Please follow the manufacturers’ directions and use them as needed.

6. The Club is open 24 hours to active members in good standing and their guests for leisure and fellowship, as long as they do not interfere with recovery meetings and other administrative meetings.

As a member, you agree to …

  1. The strict prohibition of any alcohol and addictive substances on the premises, unless prescribed to you by a registered Medical Doctor and for your exclusive use as medically necessary and utilized in a private manner.
  2. Turn off ALL LIGHTS and non-essential equipment such as fans, air conditioners, etc. at the close of each meeting or event.
  3. Wipe down and clean all surfaces so that the next group may enjoy a clean meeting space, this includes the restrooms.
  4. Clean the coffee station and pots and be certain the coffee maker is turned OFF before leaving the club.
  5. Lock all the doors upon exit from the Club.
  6. Never lend your key to a non-member nor allow access to a person who is not your guest or a member of the fellowship attending a current meeting.
  7. Sleeping at the Club is STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
  8. Members are responsible for their guests at all times. Non-members may not remain in the Club without a member present
  9. Smoking and vaping are STRICTLY prohibited within the building. We ask that if you smoke outside, that you move away from the entrance/exits so that others may freely enter and exit.

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